All offensive moves attempted from an elevated location and landing in a lower location will be counted. The move does not need to connect, it will still be counted if missed or reversed.

Aerials include, but are not limited to, moves off the ropes, over the ropes, through the ropes, off the turnbuckle, off the apron, off the barrier, etc. Moves that originate and end on the same surface elevation, like a standing moonsault, are not considered aerials. However a move that starts on the apron and using the ropes asa springboard would be considered an aerial, even with no elevation change.


Number of aerial moves (+/- 1)

Aerial moves (+/- 1)


WarGames Match – Moves over or through the ropes, originating in one ring and ending in the other, will be considered aerials despite starting and ending at the same elevation.