Points are awarded for properly predicting the condition of each table on the scorecard. The tables condition is predicted by marking each table with one of the following:

  • An X over the table name indicates that the table will be destroyed.
  • A circle around the table name indicates that the table will survive.

Common Tables

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Other

The other table includes the third announce table during WWE events, likely German, as well as all off camera international announce tables.

What Is Destroyed?

Table destruction is measured differently based on the type of table the promotion uses. A table does not need to remain destroyed to earn points for that condition. Once a table is destroyed, it will maintain that status, even if repaired.

WWE announce tables – considered destroyed when side walls separate from table top, which causes the table top to drop to the floor. Only this table type will be considered destroyed if flipped over.

Folding tables – considered destroyed if the table top breaks.

Image source: WWE.com