All successfully executed finishers, that are listed in the prediction scorecard notes, will be totaled. Only finishers listed in the notes are eligible and may be different from event to event for each wrestler.

In order to count, submission finishers must be locked in fully and non-submission finishers must be fully executed (not reversed). Finishers must be executed between the bells, unless otherwise noted on the scorecard.


Number of finishers executed +/- 1

Number of finishers +/- 1

Finishers +/- 1

Number of submission finishers +/- 1

Number of non-submission finishers +/- 1

Submission finishers +/- 1


Using opponents finishers – Finishers will count regardless of who executed the finisher, even if the wrestler executing the finisher isn’t officially in the match. See below examples:

  • Wrestler one successfully executes their own finisher from the eligible finisher list, counts.
  • Wrestler two successfully executes wrestler one’s finisher from the eligible finishers list, counts.
  • Non-booked wrestler or manager/valet interferes and successfully executes either wrestler’s finisher from the eligible finishers list, counts.
  • Any of these scenarios happen outside the bells, don’t count. Unless the extra specifically indicates that it will count outside the bells.