Ladder Matches

The following are match extras that are typically unique to ladder matches, including the Money in the Bank ladder match.

First wrestler to climb the ladder – The first wrestler to have both feet on the rungs of a standing ladder earns points. Feet only need to be as high as the first rung to count.

First wrestler to touch the belt/case – The first person to touch the belt/case will earn points. Touching will count if any part of the wrestler touches the belt/case, intentional or not.

Last wrestler to touch the belt/case and not win – The last person to touch the belt/case and not win the match will earn points.

First wrestler hit with a ladder – The first person to be hit with a swung or thrown ladder will earn points.

Non-ladder weapons used – Typically a Yes/No question. Only weapon usage that would not normally result in a disqualification are counted. For instance, getting thrown into the stairs is not weapon usage, but the stairs getting thrown into you is weapon usage.

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