The PWS Story

This is the original story from our Patreon site. We will be updating this with a more detailed account of the PWS history in the near future.

We all love wrestling. Our love for it makes us very opinionated about the direction of the stories being told, the results of the matches and the long term plans of the promotions we choose to watch. For as long as we can remember, our viewing party has been making predictions about the events we watch and we all claim that our predictions were the most accurate. Needing a way to prove our superiority, we went on the hunt for a scorecard. We stumbled across many, but were not happy with the quality, the consistency of creation or the overall look. It was time to create our own… so we did and we will continue to for as long as large pro wrestling events exist.

Since we started posting the scorecards we have seen ever increasing download counts and received nothing but positive feedback. It is surreal to hear from people that the scorecards have made watching wrestling fun again, that it’s created a way for them to bond with friends/family or that they have created championships for their group. That sort of feedback is why we want to keep creating and keep improving.

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