Updated July 31, 2019 – Results through night 11 added
Updated Aug 20, 2019 – Final results added

The PWS prediction scorecard for NJPW G1 Climax 29 is now available. This is not a typical PWS scorecard, since the event is setup as a 2 group round robin tournament. We have decided to treat each night as it’s own entity and will be providing points for predicting each winner of the night correctly, as well as bonus points if you predict the entire night correctly. More details in the rules section below.

The NJPW points system plays no role in the scorecard.

Official results will be added to this post once available.

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If the event card is updated and time permits, the scorecard will be updated. A list of updates or changes we will not address, will be posted here.

  • No updates have been made to this scorecard since it’s initial release.


Points for predicting the following:

Match winner: 3 points
Entire night: 5 bonus points
Group winner: 10 points
G1 climax winner: 15 points


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Official Results

Scored by Daniel