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Pro Wrestling Scorecards is excited to announce Prowess, the highly requested app version of our game. We have been working hard and are now ready to start testing on Android devices, but keep reading even if you are an iOS user.

This version of Prowess has all features necessary to play the game, but has not reached feature parity with PWS Digital, so some non-essential features may not be available. As this is a test version of the app you should expect to encounter errors and visual/layout issues. Reported issues will be reviewed and fixed between supported events.

Android testing has closed.

iOS Users

Early in the development cycle we made the choice to develop for Android first, as it powers a vast majority of phones worldwide and the Google Play Store has a lower barrier to entry. With a single developer on our team, focusing on one version at a time was our best play. With that said, we have developed the app in a way that will allow us to easily port over to iOS in the future. Our current roadmap has iOS development starting once the Android version is stable and reaches feature parity with the browser version of Prowess. Register to play along in the browser version today and we will continue to update everyone on our iOS progress.

Development Roadmap

We are anxious to get Prowess up and running on all platforms, but our team is small (very very small), so it will be a slow process. Below you will find a rough roadmap of our development. These timelines are estimates and are likely to change as development continues.

PWS Digital Beta


PWS Digital Stable


Prowess Android Alpha


Prowess Android Beta


Prowess Android Stable

Coming Soon

Prowess iOS Beta


Prowess iOS Stable


Prowess fully available


Advanced features