This week marks a pivotal moment in modern wrestling. The start of AEW Dynamite on Wednesday’s and SmackDown moving to Fridays on FOX will change the times we all consume wrestling going forward. These changes will also impact how we produce and release scorecards, especially as we look to bring other promotions into the mix.

Our Wednesday posting schedule for all promotions has been in place since Pro Wrestling Scorecards was formed. This timing allowed us to put out accurate scorecards that rarely required revision and made Wednesday at 11a PST the time you would come to expect our scorecards to post. Unfortunately, Wednesday no longer guarantees a card without errors or missing matches, as illustrated by WWE Hell in a Cell having only 3 official matches at the time we would normally be posting the scorecard.

Going forward every promotion will have a different day assigned. We will transition from everyone knowing that a PWS scorecard will release on Wednesday, to everyone knowing what day PWS will release their favorite promotions scorecard.

All areas of the website and digital beta will be updated to reflect these changes in the coming weeks.

Schedule by Promotion

Scorecards for all promotions will post at 11a PST on the days listed below.

NJPW2 days priorVaries
NXT UKThursdaySaturday
Indie*2 days priorVaries

*future plan; not currently active PWS promotions.

Live Scoring

Live scoring will continue for all live events via Twitter and the PWS Digital Beta. The only exception to this will be if there is an overlap, at which point we will announce which event will be live scored and which will have delayed results. While an overlap should be relatively rare, we are hoping to have enough people scoring in the future that this will not become an issue.