PWS Wrestlemania 36 Prediction Scorecard

Coming Soon: Wrestlemania 36

Pro Wrestling Scorecards will be returning to WWE with our prediction scorecard for Wrestlemania 36, which will be available to download on April 3, 2020. This will be a 2 page scorecard.

Based on a Twitter poll, we have moved the posting of this card back to 730 PM PST on April 3. It is late, but we want to make sure we account for changes & updates announced on SmackDown.

Digital beta users will be granted access to make picks at the same time or earlier. The digital scorecard will remain open for both events, it will not be two scorecards.

Card ID: PWS-SC-0075-A & PWS-SC-0075-B

  • Hi, will Wrestlemania be digital? If not, my friends and I would love to be beta testers. I know it’s probably way too late for that though!

    • Wrestlemania will be coming to the digital beta. We will be opening more spots in the beta late next week. Keep an eye on the site and our socials for more info.

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