Wrestlemania this year is set to be an interesting event. No audience, unclear match stipulations, removed competitors with no announced replacements and rumors that others were removed with no confirmation. It’s fair to say that this creates a high number of potential issues for our scorecards, but we are still moving forward. We ask that you are understanding if there are errors or inaccuracies due to the situation.

With that in mind, we’d like to create some potential issues for ourselves. We are not sure how many users our test server can handle, but we will be opening up 1000 slots in the digital beta, without the need for a beta code.

We have opened the digital beta for 1000 additional users. No beta code necessary.

Register now!


We wish we were in a position to handle our entire user base for Wrestlemania in the digital, but this event typically generates 40-50K downloads, which our current setup is definitely not ready for. That said, opening up for these additional users will provide us the data necessary to understand our server needs going forward.

Much like Wrestlemania, this could go great or be a disaster. Time will tell.

Please stay safe during this crazy time. – The PWS Team