The prediction scorecard for AEW Revolution is now available to download and in our digital platform. Picks will remain open until 7p EST / 4p PST on the day of the event, followed by live results on Twitter and our digital platform.

Official event details:

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A quick note on the results… There are 3 extras results with a ‘*’ next to the answer, this indicates that the person/team in that answer was not announced as part of the match at the time we posted the scorecard. On the digital scorecard these questions can be answer with unlisted/unannounced and points are scored if the person is not listed on the card, until this event we didn’t realize that this was never addressed for the people that prefer to use our paper cards. We will have a solution for this in our Season 6 (starts after Mania) rules updates.

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Live Results

This event will be scored live on the digital platform and Twitter, with results posting at the conclusion of each match. Use #PWSResults and #PlayPWS to join the conversation.


Matches added after posting will not be added to the scorecard. If the scorecard includes the unscheduled appearances event extra, the participants of those matches will still be considered scheduled if added more than 1 hour prior to pre-show.

Release Formats

Card ID: PWS-AE-0013