It’s Mania time! PWS presents our prediction scorecard for WWE Wrestlemania 37, the fourth (and fifth, more on that later) of five PWS prediction scorecards for Wrestlemania week. This scorecard will cover both nights of the event, with both nights streaming on Peacock.

UPDATE: Final results added below.

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But wait, there’s more…

If you miss the deadline for the two night scorecard or are second guessing your picks for night two, we will also be posting a night two only card in PWS Digital a couple hours after the close of night one.


Official Results

All our results post to our Twitter feed, PWS Digital and Discord (coming soon). For those of you that still prefer paper and don’t want to hit up our Twitter for the results, we will post an official results sheet here a few hours after the event.



We do not make any additions to a posted scorecard in order to keep a level playing field for players that do not keep up on wrestling news, but we will void questions if necessary.

That said, we are making good progress on our app and push notifications change the game a bit. More to come on that.

Release Formats

Card ID: PWS-SC-0095 & PWS-SC-0096